Heather (americangrl69) wrote,

Just some vid recs for womenlovefest. I'm just kind of playing catch up tonight. Anyway these are recs for Peyton, Echo, and a few for Lana. Enjoy.

This one's about all the hard times Peyton's had to go through. I just love the coloring and the voiceovers the vidder chose.

Another angsty vid. A lot of the clips used are from season 5, which is not my favorite season at all, but I really liked this video. There's some Leyton undertones it in. 

Just a really well put together vid.

This is one of my favorite quotes. Though it's been used several times for vids this ones strictly about Peyton.

I wasn't gonna use a Leyton vid but this one's just so good and it's from Peyton's point of view.

The song just really fits her view on the whole thing.

It's about her time spent in the Attic. It's just a really well made vid.

It's kind of about her different personalities. It's just another really good vid.

I don't really know what to really say about it. It really doesn't have much of a plot, that I could tell, but I just really liked it anyway.

It's more or less a character study of Echo, Paul, and Alpha. It's a really good vid though.

I really love how the vidder made it seem like Faith and Tru were just another one of Echo's many personalities. Not sure if that was the vidder's intent but that's the impression I got. I think it's a really need idea.

It's about how Clark didn't always treat Lana the way she wanted and how Jason and Lex weren't the people she thought they were. It's also about how she's made mistakes but how she's learned from them

It's basically just about all the things she's been through and how it's all made her into a stronger person.

I guess it's kind of an angsty vid. I mean the song is kind of angsty. Just watch it. It's worth it.
Tags: one tree hill, smallville, tv: dollhouse, vid recs, women fandom hates fest

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