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Fic: Unexpected Encounter (DA/ATS)

Title: Unexpected Encounter
Fandom: Dark Angel, Angel: The Series
Characters/Pairings: Max, Angel, random vampire
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Vampire violence, some swearing
Word Count: 252
Prompt: Beginnings
Summary: How Max met Angel.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.
A/N: Written for crossover100. This is pre-series for Dark Angel. Feedback is appreciated.

Max walked down a dark alley of Los Angeles. Most people wouldn’t be caught dead in this part of town at night but she wasn’t most people. Besides she figured she could take care of herself. She was after all a transgenic. That was until a taller man stepped out of the shadows. He looked her up and down. Hmm…dinner. He thought.

“Move buddy.” Max commanded. The vampire just stood there not moving a muscle. “I mean it buddy. Move!” Max said again. The vampire grabbed her and pulled her to him. Max tried to get loose but the guy was too strong. He vamped out. Max just stared at him. Damn what’s this guy on? She thought as he bent down ready to sink his fangs into her neck.

Angel came down the alley, crossbow drawn ready to kill. “Let the girl go.” Angel told the other vampire. The vampire just looked at him and reluctantly stepped back. Angel drew the crossbow back, aimed, and fired at him. The stake hit him in the chest.

The vampire looked down. “Shit!” he yelled just before he went up in dust.

Angel looked at the girl. “Are you ok?” he asked.

“No I’m not ok. What the hell just happened? What the hell was that guy on anyway?” Max asked him hoping to make some sense out of what just happened.

“Come on. I’ll explain it all later.” Angel said to her.

That’s how Max met Angel. The vampire with a soul.
Tags: fic, max/angel friendship, tv: angel, tv: dark angel

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