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I finally got around to doing that songfic drabble meme thing. I ended up just going with Dark Angel since I'm most comfortable writing in that fandom. There's a bunch of different pairings too. So there should be something for all of you. I kind of cheated and skipped a few songs. They just weren't inspiring me.

First Time - Jennifer Love Hewitt

Alec laid in bed watching Rachel sleep. She was beautiful when she slept. He still couldn’t believe that she’d forgiven him. Sure it had taken some time but she finally did. He remembered the day she’d woken from her coma. The coma he’d put her in. He still felt guilty about it even if she no longer blamed him for it.

Alec sat at Rachel’s bedside crying. Wishing she’d just wake up and be ok. He had his face buried in covers of the bed. Rachel’s eyes opened. The room was blurry but she could feel someone holding her hand and crying. She looked over. “Simon?” She asked.

Alec looked up at her. “Oh my god. Rachel you’re awake.” Alec said in shock.

“Yeah I guess I am. What are you doing here?” she asked.

“I…umm…I had to see you.” He said. “I’m sorry for everything. I never meant for any of this to happen.” Alec said. He started to get up to leave, figuring she wouldn’t want him here.

Rachel grabbed his hand. “Stay. Please.”

That was one of the happiest days of his life. It showed him that he still had a chance to make things right with her. That was all he really wanted anyway.

Here and Now - Steps

Rachel walked into the apartment she shared with Alec. The lights were dimmed, candles were lit around the room, and she could hear soft music playing in the background. “Alec?” Rachel called. Alec walked out of their bedroom. “Alec what’s going on?” Rachel asked.

Alec got down on one knee. Rachel’s face lit up. Alec pulled out a little black box. “I love you Rachel. I always have and I always will. Will you marry me?” he asked.

“Yes. Yes Alec I’ll marry you.” Rachel said.

Alec slipped the ring on her finger. She admired it for a moment, then threw her arms around him and kissed him.

Stolen - Dashboard Confessional

If Syl believed in soul mates she’d say she had found her’s when she found Krit. But she didn’t really believe in all that stuff. Though she did believe that she could never love anyone as much as she loved Krit. That’s why when he asked her to marry him there was only one answer she could give, yes.

Now that they were married and had a beautiful baby girl. She couldn’t be happier. She had truly found that happily ever after she’d heard about. She wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Cold Hearted Snake - Paula Abdul

Max stood in White’s living room, talking to his wife. She still couldn’t be that he had one. But when Logan had showed her the picture she knew she had to tell her what her husband had been doing. Though Max really doubted that she would believe her. She had to try. Seeing as White had betrayed them both.

So her she was in his living room telling his wife that he’d be cheating on her. Though Max didn’t know he was married at the time. They weren’t even together anymore. Not after she found out that he was the one behind the Manticore clean up. He wasn’t pleased about her being an X5 either.

“Get out!” Wendy demanded.

“You have to listen to me. He hurt me too, Wendy.” Max said trying to get her to listen.

“Get out! I don’t want to hear your lies.”

“Think about it. Do you really think he was working late all those nights?” Max asked her.

White walked in, gun drawn. “What are you doing here?” White demanded.

“She was just leaving.” Wendy said, answering for her.

Max figured she wasn’t going to get through to her any time soon and with White here it wasn’t going to be any easier. She’d learned when to pick her battles and this one she was most definitely going to lose. “Yeah I was just leaving.” Max said, walking past White and out the door.

Bring Me To Life - Evanescence

White stood at Max’s grave in Terminal City. He remembered the day she died. That day haunted him. He knew it was his fault she was gone. If he didn’t fall in love with her maybe she’d still be alive. He remembered the look on everyone’s face when he carried her lifeless body into Terminal City. It had been Alec that actually believed him about what really happened. It had been Alec that had arranged for him to stay here too. White figured the transgenic had just taken pity on him but it didn’t really matter anymore.

White placed the rose over her grave. “I’m sorry Max.”

Wheel of the World - Carrie Underwood

Max stared at the computer screen. Zack’s alive. She couldn’t believe it. He was alive and she had a second chance to be happy. To be happy with him. She’d be lying about her feelings before but when she found out he’d sacrificed himself to save her she’d be forced to admit that she loved him, really loved him. She had to find him and make things right. Put things back the way they should have been all along. She’d get Alec to help her find him in the morning. But for now she’d just be happy that Zack was alive.

Cool With You - Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jondy was going through some boxes in the attic, when she found a picture of her and Zane. She missed him. They’d had an argument and he’d left but this time he didn’t come back. She couldn’t even remember what it was about just that he was mad. The house just seemed so lonely and empty with out him around. She didn’t want to admit it but that was a big reason why she went out so much lately. To get away for here and all the memories. She just wanted him to come home but she had no idea where he was or how to convince him to come home. She just kept hoping that someday he would come back and they could be happy again.

Better Off Alone - Katharine McPhee

Max didn’t know why she kept coming back. It was like a bad habit she just couldn’t break or didn’t want to. Every time she told herself she wouldn’t do it again but she always ended up coming back anyway. It was like she was addicted to him. She knew this was screwed up. It was White for crying out loud. She didn’t even remember how or why this thing between them started and really she didn’t want to know. She knew that after tonight she’d say this was the last time but she knew that it wasn’t true. She could never quit him no matter how bad she wanted to she just couldn’t do it and neither could he.
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