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Fic: Worst Day Of My Life (Rali)

Title: Worst Day Of My Life
Fandom: Port Charles
Pairing: Rafe/Alison
Rating: PG
Warnings: spoilers for the beginning of Surrender
Word Count: 248
Disclaimer: I don't own Port Charles or any of it's characters. If I did the whole Cali thing never would have happened.
Summary: Alison on her wedding day.
A/N: Written for fandom_muses. Prompt-Simple Kind Of Life. Feedback is appreciated.

Alison stood in front of the mirror examining herself in her wedding dress. This was her big day. In a few minutes she was going to go downstairs and marry Rafe. Her soul mate. Her angel. She smiled. She was the happiest she’d been in a long time. They’d gone through so much to finally get here. She couldn’t be happier than she was right now.

Lucy stuck her head in the door, “It’s time. You ready?” Lucy asked.

“Yeah I’ll be down in a minute.” Alison said. She smoothed out her dress one more time then turned and left the room.

Alison walked down the stairs to the chapel. The bracelet Rafe had given her to wear caught on her dress causing the locket to pop open. She looked at it in horror. The pictures inside were of her father and Rafe’s mother. Alison knew her father had never exactly been faithful to her mother and she knew she had a sibling out there as a result. She didn’t want to believe it. That Rafe was possibly her brother. That she was about to marry her own brother.

Alison fought back tears. She made it to the alter only to break Rafe’s heart. The tears she’d be fighting came flooding out. “Rafe I’m sorry. I can’t marry you.” Alison said. She turned and ran out of the chapel in tears. This was supposed to be the happiest day of her life but instead it was the worst.
Tags: fic, port charles, rali

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