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Fic: Homesick (Taken)

Title: Homesick
Fandom: Taken
Characters/Pairings: Allie Keys
Rating: G
Warnings: spoilers for the ending.
Word Count: 103
Disclaimer: I don't own Taken or any of it's characters. I'm just borrowing Allie for awhile.
Summary: Allie misses home.
A/N: Written for the fandom project. It takes place 6 months after the finale. Feedback is appreciated.

Allie sat in her bedroom thinking. It had only been six months since she’d decided to leave but Allie was already missing home. She missed her old room, sleeping in her own bed, listening to her cds. She missed her friends. She missed playing soccer with them. But most of all she missed her mom and dad. Sure she had her grandpa John but it wasn’t the same. Though as much as she missed home, and all the things there, she knew she’d made the right decision. And she knew someday she’d return but that day just didn’t seem to come fast enough.
Tags: fic

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