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Other Ships I Support

I've been wanting to do this for while. I just have so many ships that they take up my userinfo. So I'm just gonna list my otps in the userinfo and the rest are in this post. You can just ignore this post if you want.

The 4400: Tom/Diana, Diana/Marco, Kyle/Isabelle, Shawn/Kyle, Tom/Kyle
7th Heaven: Lucy/Kevin, Simon/Cecilia, Matt/Mary, Matt/Sarah, Matt/Heather, Mary/Carlos
Alias: Nadia/Weiss, Lauren/Sark
All My Children: Zach/Kendall, Kendall/Greenlee, Lily/Jonathan
Angel: Cordy/Doyle, Lilah/Lindsay, Cordy/Groo, Willow/Fred
Bones: Angela/Hodgins
Buffy: Andrew/Jonathan, Angel/Faith, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Willow, Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Xander, Buffy/Glory, Dru/Darla, Spike/Angel, Spike/Riley, Spike/Anya, Spike/Willow, Willow/Anya, Xander/Riley, Xander/Angel, Xander/Cordy, Xander/Anya, Xander/Faith
Charmed: Piper/Leo, Phoebe/Drake, Phoebe/Coop, Paige/Glen, Prue/Bane, Prue/Cole, Phoebe/Chris, Phoebe/Prue, Piper/Prue, Chris/Wyatt, Chris/Bianca
Crossing Jordan: Woody/Jordan
Dark Angel: Max/Ben, Jondy/Zane, Jondy/Alec, Jondy/Ben, Syl/Krit, Eva/Jack, Alec/Asha, Logan/Alec, Logan/Asha, Zack/Ben
Dawson's Creek: Dawson/Jen, Pacey/Andie, Pacey/Audrey
Dead Like Me: Roxy/Rube
Dollhouse: Victor/Sierra, Victor/Adelle, Victor/Paul
Drake & Josh: Craig/Eric
Dukes Of Hazzard: Daisy/Bo
Friends: Joey/Phoebe, Joey/Rachel, Monica/Rachel
General Hospital: Nikolas/Gia, Emily/Zander, Courtney/Jax, Maxie/Jesse, Luke/Laura, Ric/Alexis, Luke/Skye
Heroes: Niki/DL, Niki/Nathan, Peter/Claire, Sylar/Mohinder, Hiro/Kensei, Sylar/Claire, Molly/Micah, Peter/Elle, Claire/Kensei, Sylar/Mr. Muggles(purely platonic of course), Peter/Caitlin, Hiro/Charlie, Matt/Daphne
Higher Ground: Daisy/Ezra, Juliette/Auggie, Peter/Sophie
House: House/Wilson, House/Cuddy, Wilson/Cuddy, 13/Foreman, Chase/Foreman
iCarly: Freddie/Spencer
Lost: Claire/Charlie
Numbers: Charlie/Amita, Don/Charlie
The OC: Sandy/Kirsten, Seth/Ryan, Marissa/Summer, Marissa/Alex, Ryan/Taylor, Julie/Jimmy
One Tree Hill: Jake/Peyton, Nathan/Peyton, Brooke/Mouth, Brooke/Nathan, Brooke/Owen, Brooke/Julian, Mouth/Millie, Sam/Jack, Lucas/Nathan, Keith/Karen, Keith/Dan
The Others: Mark/Satori
Passions: Luis/Fancy, Luis/Sheridan, Charity/Miguel, Fox/Kay, Fox/Whitney, Fox/Miguel, Simone/Jessica, Simone/Paloma, Noah/Jessica
Port Charlies: Jack/Livvie, Jack/Alison, Jamal/Alison, Jamal/Marissa, Ian/Lucy, Frank/Karen, Ian/Eve, Jack/Tess
Queer As Folk: Brian/Justin, Brian/Michael, Lindsay/Melanie, Michael/Ben
Roswell: Michael/Maria, Isabel/Kyle, Kyle/Tess
Secret Life of the American Teenager: Ricky/Adrian, Grace/Jack
Smallville: Clark/Lex, Clark/Lois, Clark/Whitney, Clark/Bart, Clark/Oliver, Whitney/Lana, Lois/Lex, Lois/Oliver, Lex/Chloe, Chloe/Pete, Chloe/Jimmy
Supernatural: Sam/Jess, Dean/Madison, Dean/Anna, Castiel/Anna, Dean/Castiel, Dean/John
That 70's Show: Donna/Eric, Jackie/Kelso, Kelso/Fez, Jackie/Donna
Tru Calling: Tru/Luc, Lindsay/Harrison
Without A Trace: Danny/Martin, Danny/Elena
X-Files: Doggett/Reyes
American Pie: Jim/Michelle, Vicky/Kevin, Heather/Oz, Jim/Stifler
The Covenant: Reid/Tyler, Caleb/Tyler, Caleb/Reid, Caleb/Sarah
I Know/I Still Know: Julie/Ray, Helen/Barry, Karla/Tyrell
Love Actually: David/Natalie
Scream Trilogy: Tatum/Stu, Sidney/Derek, Gale/Dewey
Taken: Sally/John, Russell/Kate
Wrong Turn: Carly/Scott
X-Men: Jean/Scott
Crossovers: Paige/Alec, Phoebe/Alec, Faith/Alec, Max/Wolverine, Prue/Angel, Peyton/Dean, Peyton/Sylar, Claire/Angel
RPS/RPH: Chad/Sophia, Sarah/Freddie, Reese/Ryan, Rachel/Ryan, Rachel/Adam, Tyler/Natalia, Alexa/Justin, Erin/Brian, Majandra/Brendan, Kelly/Justin, Naomi/Liev, Zach/Sendhil, H/Claire, Chris/Ace, Tom/Michael
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