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thegabbster's doing a virtual season thing and it gave me an idea to do one for at least one of my fandoms that really deserves it's own virtual season. I know it's been done at least once for one or two of the fandoms I'm thinking about but I can't do it by myself so I'll need you guys' help writing it. I'm gonna leave this post open so people not on my flist can participate. But first I need to know what fandom we should do a season for. Unlike Gabby's idea I'm just gonna do a post-series season. So just fill out the poll and tell me which show you'd be interested in.

Poll #1106639 Virtual Season

Which fandom would you be interested in writing a virtual season for?

Dark Angel
Dead Like Me
Higher Ground
Port Charles
Feel free to pimp this. The more feedback I get the more likely this will happen.

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