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Multi-Fandom Holiday Ficathon

I meant to do this yesterday but I kind of spaced it out. Oh well I'm doing it now. Anyway I decided try doing a multi-fandom holiday ficathon. Most likely just Christmasy stuff but if you want a prompt for another holiday or just a general winter prompt let me know in your comment.

Ok so all you really have to do is comment with the fandom, character, and/or pairing you'd like to write for. Then wait for me to give you a prompt. You can start writing you're fic anytime after that.


November 29: Sign Ups Start
December 6: Sign Ups End
December 24-January 1: Fics are Due

I realize the sign ups are only for about a week but you can start writing as soon as you get a prompt.


1. Fill out the sign-up form in a comment to participate.
2. There's no rating limit. Just make sure it's clearly labeled.
3. Your story can be as short as a drabble or as long as a multi-chaptered story. Just make sure it's done by the due date.
4. All fandoms are allowed. It doesn't matter if I like it. It just matters that you do.
5. All pairings and characters are allowed. That includes slash, het, canon, unconventional, etc...
6. I will allow crossover pairings too. If you feel ever so inclined. Just make sure you tell me what fandoms both characters are from.
7. If someone has already claimed you're preferred fandom or pairing that's fine you can still claim them. It doesn't matter if fandoms are claimed by two or more people. Though I think I'm gonna limit it to 5 people per fandom. That way it wouldn't turn into a one fandom ficathon.
8. Please check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, or other such errors. A beta is recommended but not necessarily required.
9. You can start writing as soon as you sign up.
10. Have fun! That's the whole point, isn't it.

Sign Up Form:

Author Name:

Ok now start requesting. And pimp. That's how we'll get more people.

Someone brought up a good point. Just post a link to you're fic whenever you finish. It'll just be so much easier on me. So whenever you finish your fic you can just post a link to it here.
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