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I credited to new communities yesterday. One's a secret santa comm and the other's a Buffy episode rewrite comm. The secret santa one is for crossovers of all kinds. So you can request any crossover or pairing no matter how weird it might be. I am going to limit the Buffy/Angel crossovers because they're pretty much considered one fandom anyway. But like Dawn/Connor or Buffy/Gunn is fine. Just no Buffy/Angel. The Buffy episode rewrite comm is a lot like the insert Dawn here comms only it's a crossover with Dark Angel. But instead of inserting Dawn you'd insert Max in an episode of Buffy. Yeah I'm a geek. So if you're interested in either of them please join and pimp. Pimping is good.

Tags: crossovers, crossovers: buffy/dark angel, lj: community pimping

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