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Fic: Thanksgiving Dinner

Title: Thanksgiving Dinner
Fandom: Dukes Of Hazzard
Characters/Pairings: Daisy, Bo
Rating: G
Word Count: 183
Disclaimer: I don't own Dukes of Hazzard or any of it's characters. It's sad I know.
Summary: Daisy cooks Thanksgiving Dinner.
A/N: I wrote this for fandom_muses . I had to write something for this months prompt for the application. This is the full version of the fic. I took some stuff out for the application. The prompt I used was turkey hence the Thanksgiving theme. Anyway feedback is appreciated.

Daisy was at home preparing this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. She had chased the boys out of the kitchen earlier when she caught Bo sampling the rolls.

“Bo!” Daisy exclaimed.

“What?” Bo said with an innocent look on his face.

Daisy just shook her head.

The thought put a smile on her face. She really did love him. Even if he gave her grieve this time of year.

Daisy placed the basket full of fresh rolls on the kitchen table. She grabbed the butter to place next to the rolls. She opened the fridge, grabbed the cranberries she’d prepared earlier, and set them on the table. She checked the timer for the turkey.

“Still a few minutes.” She thought to herself.

She pulled the pumpkin pie she’d gotten at the store out of the freezer, pulled it out of the box, and placed it in the unoccupied shelf in the oven.

This year was gonna be good. She knew it. The boys were home safe and everything seemed to be going well for all of them. Yeah it was gonna be a good year.
Tags: fic, tv: dukes of hazzard

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